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Jurg Widmer Probst

Jurg Widmer Probst - small business advice - work home office

Office or home working – how to make the right choice for your small business

The modern business world has been revolutionised and in many ways defined by new technology. The advances we’ve seen, even in just the last decade or so, are transforming traditional ideas about how businesses can be run. Where it was once almost impossible (or extremely inconvenient at best) to work remotely, it is now relatively…
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Jurg Widmer Probst - never burnout

How to run a small business and avoid burnout

When someone asks you what you do, and you tell them that you run your own business, it is often the case that they look at you a little bit enviously. A common reaction is ‘I wish I could do that one day’, or ‘It must be great to be your own boss.’ And it…
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