Jürg Widmer Probst

Jurg Widmer Probst - Business Value

Why delivering value has to be your key priority

Entrepreneurs and small businesses must create strategies to add value for customers. Delivering value is the most important tactic for small businesses to attract customers and, most importantly, to keep them coming back. Delivering consistent value to customers is the number one priority for all businesses. If you work hard to get them through the…
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Jurg Widmer Probst

The art of managing small teams

‘Small is beautiful’. ‘Bigger is better’. We’re not going to get into the relative merits of small vs large teams here – we’re firm believers that there is a team size out there for every task. Some challenges demand the kind of creativity, agility and flexibility that small teams excel at – while other jobs…
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jurg widmer probst

Creating a productive culture within your business

We live in a world in which productivity is big business. From to-do list apps to productivity gurus, from bestselling books and processes, to TED talks and conferences – they’re all dedicated to the ongoing challenge of how we can get more and more out of our daily lives. But what does it all mean…
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Jurg Widmer Probst - Business Growth

Managing growth for small businesses

Growth is a curious thing. Clearly, it’s what most of us want for our businesses – more clients or customers, new markets, and the opportunity that expansion gives us to provide bigger, fresher and more innovative products and services, to more people – and hopefully for more money. Growth, then is a natural part of…
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Jurg Widmer - 3 technologies that will change your business

The three key technologies that will transform your small business

These are exciting and revolutionary times for small business owners. It’s hard to think of another era where so many different areas of technology have advanced so quickly, and in so many diverse ways that are invaluable to smaller entrepreneurs. Today, it is possible for the owner of a small business to have access to…
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