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Jürg Widmer Probst - latest trends that will affect small business

What adversities exist when starting a business in 2023, and how can you overcome these?

Starting a business is challenging at the best of times. Those beginning new ventures in 2023 must prepare to overcome various unique and continuing adversities. During the pandemic, companies were forced to adapt to the new normal. Many initially hoped to see an upswing during 2022 and 2023 as difficulties faced over the last few…
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Small Business - Overcoming Problems

Problems your small business could face and how to overcome them

People who start small businesses are usually passionate about their ideas, but this doesn’t mean creating a small business is easy. In fact, the first few years of a small business are the most challenging. A 2020 ONS survey suggested as many as 20% of small businesses fail within their first year and 60% within…
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Launching a small business

Launching a small business in 2022? Here are our tips to ensure success

Launching a small business in today’s economy is no small feat. Thorough preparation and an in-depth, step-by-step plan will help you launch your small business with a greater chance of success. A small business can be a good side hustle with the potential to become a full-time gig. However, starting your own small business comes…
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Is starting a small business a good side hustle idea?

Recent years have seen most people go through trying economic times. The covid pandemic has been followed by the war in Ukraine and the current cost of living crisis. With all this going on, it’s unsurprising that many people’s finances have taken a hit and that concerns about the economic future are growing. In times…
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How is the new normal affecting small businesses?

Covid-19 changed many things about consumer and company behaviours. Small businesses were forced to adapt to survive during the pandemic and must continue to do so as we settle into the world’s new normal. Despite the numerous challenges faced in recent years, small businesses still dominate. Statistics from 2021 show that 99.9% of businesses within…
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16 mistakes people make when opening a small business and how you can avoid them

Starting a new business is not for the faint-hearted. A company’s success relies on much more than just a good idea. It demands hard work, in-depth research, and impeccable planning to name a few things. Almost 20% of new businesses face failure within 2 years, and as many as 60% of UK small businesses fail…
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Why you should have your own small business?

State of small businesses in the UK In 2021, the employment within UK SMEs was 61% of the country’s total, at 16.3 million. And the small-owned companies had an impressive estimated turnover of £2.3 trillion. Reasons to start your business today Are you considering establishing your own company? Now is an excellent time to start…
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How to fund your start-up business

Picture the scene: you have a whole business plan for your start-up. The idea is perfect and the product fits a niche you’ve found in a specific market sector. You’re all ready to go, but there’s just one problem – how do you find funding? Every year around half a million entrepreneurs in the UK…
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small business blog jurg widmer probst

Why your small business needs a blog and how to start one

A website and a blog are essential tools for any small business, especially those just starting out. These online marketing tools help you get noticed, and a blog is a great way to reach a wider audience online. Keep reading because this blog is going to share why a small business blog is important and…
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