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Client Testimonials

Here’s what some of my happy customers have to say:

I’ve followed Jürg’s career for a number of years and couldn’t wait to finally have him speak at one of my events. It’s fair to say he didn’t disappoint!

Brian Milton

To have an industry expert like Jürg come and speak to our students was priceless. We can’t wait to have him back.

Emily Roethlisberger

Jürg really has an unparalleled knowledge when it comes to small business advice. You’ll leave his lectures feeling motivated and inspired, I did!

Noah Burckhalter


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Jürg Widmer- think start business

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Jürg Widmer Probst - small business work remotely

A guide to working remotely for small businesses

Working remotely is becoming easier than ever, thanks to new technology and a realisation among employers that flexible working is the way forward. It offers a new ways for people[…]

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How to build a business that other people want to invest in

Winning the attention of external investors is the dream of many small business owners. In a way, it feels like a vindication of the many risks that the entrepreneur has[…]

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