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Client Testimonials

Here’s what some of my happy customers have to say:

I’ve followed Jurg’s career for a number of years and couldn’t wait to finally have him speak at one of my events. It’s fair to say he didn’t disappoint!

Brian Milton

To have an industry expert like Jurg come and speak to our students was priceless. We can’t wait to have him back.

Emily Roethlisberger

Jurg really has an unparalleled knowledge when it comes to small business advice. You’ll leave his lectures feeling motivated and inspired, I did!

Noah Burckhalter


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Jurg Widmer - Small business

What does value really mean for small business owners?

Often, when we think of the word ‘value’ in relation to small businesses and entrepreneurship, we think of it in a purely monetary sense. Think of that small tech start[…]

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Jurg Widmer Probst - small business advice - work home office

Office or home working – how to make the right choice for your small business

The modern business world has been revolutionised and in many ways defined by new technology. The advances we’ve seen, even in just the last decade or so, are transforming traditional[…]

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Jurg Widmer Probst - never burnout

How to run a small business and avoid burnout

When someone asks you what you do, and you tell them that you run your own business, it is often the case that they look at you a little bit[…]

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